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Disagreements and disputes happen all the time.  Going to court and suing your neighbor, friend, or family member is one way to reach a resolution, but the process is time consuming, expensive, has a lot of negative emotions, and does not allow you much control over the outcome. 


Mediation is a modern approach to resolving disputes that is becoming more widely used in all types of cases, without ever going to court! 


Mediators (trained neutrals) meet with parties to a dispute to discuss the issues and help parties work through the possible solutions.  The written agreement can be enforceable in court, if necessary.


Mediation is confidential, so it keeps your dispute and your confidential information out of the public court system.  


If you have a legal dispute, let us help. Contact us to find out how.


Ronald R. Frauenshuh, Jr.

Ron Frauenshuh has been a practicing trial attorney in Minnesota for over 30 years. 

During his time representing clients in all types of disputes, he saw a familiar pattern emerging - winning in the courtroom can often be hollow.  Even if you win, the time and expense of going to court is emotionally draining.


With rapidly changing trends, Ron decided to keep abreast of new and innovative ways to resolve disputes.  In 1993, Ron attended a seminar on mediation.  He found mediation gives the parties back control of their lives and provides a solution to disputes that everyone can live with, without the cost, without the delays, and without the emotional wear.


Ron Frauenshuh became a mediator, and has been mediating all types of cases in Minnesota for the last 20 years.  Ron has been an advocate for the use of mediation in the state of Minnesota and has successfully furthered its use in legal disputes.  


With the opening of Conflict Resolution & Mediation in Watertown, Ron Frauenshuh now has the opportunity to serve northeastern South Dakota as well as western Minnesota.  


Ron believes in mediation and he has helped many families face the challenges of divorce, child custody, and visitation disputes through the use of mediation.  


Ron Frauenshuh uses both mediation and litigation effectively, but he has found, oftentimes, mediation is a better method of resolving disputes. 

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DISCLAIMER: Mediators are not legal advocates for either party and are not allowed to give legal advice or tell parties what they should do.  If you have any questions about your legal rights, contact an attorney.  The information on this website is for informational purposes only and should not be construed to be legal advice or the formation of an attorney-client relationship. 



Meet our Mediator, Ronald R. Frauenshuh, Jr., and learn about our mediation services by watching this video.  




Meet our Arbitrator, Ronald R. Frauenshuh, Jr., and learn about our arbitration services by watching this video.  



Parenting Time Coordinator

Meet our Parenting Time Coordinator, Ronald R. Frauenshuh, Jr., and learn more about these services by watching this video.

Early Neutral Evaluator

Meet our Early Neutral Evaluator, Ronald R. Frauenshuh, Jr., and learn more about these services by watching this video.

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